Online Renewals

Click the link below to renew online. This will take you to Alabama Interactive Website, where on-line applications are processed for Alabama.

Online License Renewal (Reactivation must be paper application)

Click here for steps to prepare for your social work license

(PIP's - Please be aware if you place your LICSW in the inactive status we are required to cancel the PIP.
An active LICSW is required to maintain the PIP.)

Paper Renewals

The form below is in PDF format.

Renewal Of Active/Inactive or Reactivation of Licensure

PIP's no longer need to be renewed.
The PIP will remain active as long as the LICSW is current and active.
The Board does not send out renewal notices. The licensee is responsibility for renewing timely. Everyone has a 60 day grace period before the license is expired.
Your license expires the last day of your renewal month, two (2) years after it is issued. However, you have sixty (60) days from the expiration date to renew it before it is cancelled. The C.E. hours to renew your license must be completed before the license expires. You cannot use the grace period to obtain additional hours to renew your license.