850-X-3-.02 Supervision Requirements. (1) A minimum of four (4) hours per month of supervision is required for 24 months within a 36 month period beginning with employment for LBSW licensees. Supervision may be provided by an LMSW or LICSW. After 24 or more months of continuing supervision from an LMSW or LICSW, an LBSW may engage in the practice of social work without further licensing supervision as long as the social worker remains in the same field of social work practice and job responsibilities remain similar. Should the LBSW change their field of practice after their initial 24 months of required supervision, then the LBSW will be required to repeat only six months of supervision in the new position. (2) A minimum of four (4) hours per month of post-master’s supervision for 24 months within a 36 month period is required for LICSW applicants. (3) A contract must be negotiated between the supervisor and supervisee and is subject to the approval of the Board. A copy of the contract shall be provided to the Board, or, in the alternative, documentation signed by both parties which shall at a minimum include documentation of the following terms of the agreement: (a) The methods of supervision to be provided; (b) The type of social work practice to be supervised; (c) Hours; and (d) Termination conditions. (4) If supervision is terminated by either party, the supervisor is responsible for completing the termination form within 30 days and forwarding to the Board for review. The supervisor shall certify the total number of supervised hours at termination.