I am Alvin J. Reed, LICSW-PIP, and I represent District 7 on the Alabama Board of Social Work Examiners. I completed my BS in Secondary Education (1983) and my MSW (1996) at the University of Alabama. I have been employed with the Alabama Department of Human Resources since 1988 in the areas of financial support, child welfare and administration. Perry County is my home county and I have been fortunate to be able to live and to work in my home county. I was the Perry County Human Resource Director for 13 years and am currently work at the State Department of Human Resources in Field Administration.

I have been a licensed social worker since 1996. I also worked for two years as a therapeutic foster care worker with Gateway, 1996-1998, after completing graduate school. I worked as an adjunct professor in the Judson College Social Work Program for several years before the college closed. I have volunteered and continue to volunteer with several community service agencies in the Black Belt. I have served on the University of Alabama's Social Work Society Board and support the board's mission. I have had the pleasure of working with social work interns, BSW and MSW, as a field instructor from multiple universities across the state.

I believe that social workers perform a vital role in our communities and the need for the services that we provide continues to expand. As social workers we need to be prepared to meet those needs.